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How The Instagram Algorithm Works

If you’re not familiar with Instagram’s complicated algorithm, figuring out what exactly is going on with your posts can be difficult. So how does the Instagram algorithm really work?

Facebook Removing 5,000 Targeting Options to Fight Discriminatory Practices

Facebook is removing over 5,000 targeting options to help prevent misuse, including the ability to exclude audiences that relate to attributes such as ethnicity or religion.

ICYMI: How to Find and Learn From Your Competitor’s Ads, CMOs Think Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Ever, & Traditional methods of personalization don’t work for millennials and Gen Z

Welcome back to Digital Insights, your go-to resource for everything going on in the digital marketing atmosphere. Here’s everything you may have missed this week.

How to Find and Learn From Your Competitor’s Ads

Facebook’s main focus was to provide more transparency in advertising. This last June 28th, they implemented a new feature called “Info and Ads” that lets Facebook users check the Ads that every brand and business runs on the platform.

The Top 5 Marketing Resources You Should Be Following

Advertisers, brands, and agencies understand the importance of staying up to date with the ever-changing marketing world.

Facebook Requires Review For Apps Trying To Use Its API

The Cambridge Analytica scandal caused Facebook to add some new items to its data policies. Now, apps trying to use its Platform API must undergo review.

Facebook Is Changing Its Navigation Bar On Its Mobile App

Facebook will be rolling out an updated to its mobile app that changes the way the navigation bar is configured. Users will see new, personalized shortcuts based on which sections of Facebook they use the most.

Mobile Web Magazine Audiences are up 17%

The way people consume information has been rapidly changing over the last years. Print media like magazines, books, and newspapers have been drastically affected by the digitalization of our world.

ICYMI: Hearst UK Introduced a New Metric to Marketers📈, Check Out Snapchat’s New Ads Manager👀, & Agencies turn to WeWork for cost savings and cultural perks👍🏼

Missed a few things this week? We’ve got you covered. Hearst UK Introduced a New Metric to Marketers Digital Insights Blog While searching for the one insight that reveals the hidden pot of gold, we have been oversaturated with data that simply just does not matter. In the world of meaningless numbers, Hearst UK has developed an effective metric that … Read More

DoubleClick for Publishers Rebranded as Google Ad Manager

Google is sunsetting the AdWords & DoubleClick brands in a major rebranding aimed at simplification: They will now be known as Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

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