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Why Snapchat Discover Publishers Are Looking Beyond Snapchat

Publishers are still producing videos for Snapchat, but as vertical video takes off, there are other platforms to consider.

LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Content Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads Come to LinkedIn: LinkedIn has begun rolling out a new Sponsored Content carousel ad format, designed to show up to 10 customized, swipeable cards and similar to the carousel ads popularised on Facebook and Instagram.

Why Your Relevance Score on Facebook Matters

Often ignored by ad buyers, Facebook gives your advertisements a “relevance score” on your analytic reports. Marketers and agencies, however, should be aware of its crucial importance.

How to Prioritize Brand Safety on Facebook

A company’s brand reputation is an extremely important asset, so its safety must be of paramount concern. Advertisers invest substantial capital into their marketing campaigns, and overlooking brand safety could potentially have counterproductive effects to their bottom-line. 

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CMOs Think Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Ever

For quite some time, television was the most popular and most effective place for advertisers to spend their dollars. After all, the first website wasn’t even created until 1991. It seems like only recently the internet has become the leading place for people to get information – and get served ads.

How AdWords And AdMob Are Helping App Developers Reach Users

There are a lot of reasons that smartphones have become so universal in the past few years. In America alone, smartphone ownership has increased from 35% of the population in 2011 to 77% in 2018. The ability to access the internet or email on the go is obviously a significant part of the technology’s appeal. But can you imagine smartphones being anywhere near as popular as they are today without apps?

SEO for Bing: Organic Search Beyond Google

When you think of internet search engines, what is the first name that comes to mind? Odds are, your answer was Google, right? After all, the website has become such a dominant force in internet searches that the word “Google” has entered the English language as a verb. And while Google remains the dominant search engine, it does still have competitors. First among them? Bing.

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