Facebook Requires Review For Apps Trying To Use Its API


Facebook has denied access to user data for thousands of apps.

Facebook has made known that it is taking away access to its API (application programming interface), which lets app makers access user data, for a whole bunch of apps. They set a deadline for August 1st during their F8 conference in May for app developers to submit their apps for review. The review process includes verifying the developer’s authenticity, as well as signing some new contracts.

Facebook did this to ensure that third-party software was following the company’s data and privacy policies and the new barriers they applied due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Some apps are inactive or have not been submitted for review, so they will no longer be able to access its Platform API. Developers with apps in the queue for review or apps being reviewed will not have access denied as long as the software lines up with Facebook’s policies.


  • Facebook has denied access to its Platform API as a safety measure for user’s data
  • The deadline for entering the review queue is August 1st, and any apps not submitted for review by then are denied
  • Facebook wants to make sure that third-party software stays in line with their policies

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