Facebook’s New In-Stream Video Ad Solutions Target Most Engaged Viewers


81% of businesses have incorporated video as a key element of their digital marketing strategy. It is a versatile content format that, unlike text-based copy, engages the consumer visually. It is easier to digest, and it should remain a focal point for advertisers since 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Ad buyers have increased the use of video on their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. It allows them to provide value in an entertaining fashion while also boosting conversions by up to 80%. In recent years, live video has entered the marketing world by storm with a 113% yearly ad growth.

Facebook has recognized the need to support video since both users and ad buyers clearly prefer it. Back in August, they launched Watch to facilitate the discovery and interaction of talented video creators.

They are now taking more steps towards video promotion with the release of two new solutions: In-Stream Reserve and ThruPlay.

Let’s find out how advertisers and business owners can take advantage of them:

In-Stream Reserve is oriented to premium advertisers that want to run their ads alongside the most engaging and talented content creators. Facebook claims that 70% of these ads are watched to completion and most of them with the sound on – a valuable proposition to all marketers.

Advertisers can also choose the In-Stream Reserve categories that best fit their audiences. Some options are sports, fashion/beauty, and entertainment.  

In-Stream Reserve is currently being tested by selected ad buyers that target the US market. These are ads are being shown on Facebook Originals shows such as Ball In The Family and Red Table Talk.

ThruPlay is Facebook’s recognition that advertisers need more options to tailor their ads, both creative design and copy, to the different ways that users watch video content.

ThruPlay lets marketers optimize and only pay for ads watched to completion or, at least, fifteen seconds. This will give brands the opportunity to tell their story in a much-focused way.

Facebook is offering this tool on both Facebook and Instagram, and it will be available on in-stream, stories, and user’s feed. It will help advertisers that need their viewers to watch at least 15 seconds ads.

ThruPlay is just now being introduced and will be launched globally in the following weeks -you will find it in your Ad Manager account.

It is also important to mention the importance of creating native video content for Facebook to maximize exposure and reach.

With In-Stream Reserve and ThruPlay, Facebook shows a clear investment on video content and ads. Advertisers can make good use of this trend to find lower cost-per-clicks and cost-per miles, higher click-through-rates, and a better performance of video ads overwritten copy.

Finally, in an impersonal digital world, video is a great way to show your brand’s personality and create connections with the audience. Consumers enjoy the simplicity of watching better than reading, and advertisers are able to generate better ROI.

More about Facebook video:

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