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Will Advertising Ever Rule The World?

From the Madison Avenue agencies to the current shift towards digital marketing, advertising’s purpose hasn’t changed much over the years: create brand awareness, generate leads, increase revenue, and grow a business’ bottom-line.

Facebook’s New In-Stream Video Ad Solutions Target Most Engaged Viewers

81% of businesses have incorporated video as a key element of their digital marketing strategy. It is a versatile content format that, unlike text-based copy, engages the consumer visually. It is easier to digest, and it should remain a focal point for advertisers since 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. Ad buyers have increased the use … Read More

Telecom Giants Looking to Compete With Silicon Valley for Ad Dollars

With its recent purchase of AppNexus and Time Warner, AT&T is looking to compete with Silicon Valley giants Facebook and Google for ad revenue.

Facebook’s Turn From News Is Really Hurting Publishers

Slate has seen a decrease of 87% in traffic coming from Facebook since January 2017. The political news magazine shared its internal data, showing that in January 2017, around the time Donald Trump was elected, they received 28 million visitors from Facebook. Last month, May 2018, they received less than 4 million. This is a staggering drop, and indicative … Read More

CMOs Think Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Ever

For quite some time, television was the most popular and most effective place for advertisers to spend their dollars. After all, the first website wasn’t even created until 1991. It seems like only recently the internet has become the leading place for people to get information – and get served ads.

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Had a busy week? We’ve all been there. Here are the top stories you missed, all in one place. Check Out The Upcoming Changes To AdWords Digital Insights Blog Ad suggestions is an upcoming feature that will rearrange existing copy from your ads to create new ads and run them automatically. Keep reading… Pinterest’s video ads are getting bigger, but they’re … Read More

Check Out The Upcoming Changes To AdWords

Of course, creating and testing ads takes time. With that in mind, Google is introducing a feature to AdWords that they hope will help automate the process. Ad suggestions is an upcoming feature that will rearrange existing copy from your ads to create new ads and run them automatically.

You Can Now Turn Existing Instagram Posts Into Ads

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to make those posts function like ads in the traditional sense? Shouldn’t all that time and energy you put into your social media posts help bring in some revenue?

Hulu And YouTube Will Start Selling Ads In Their Live TV Services

Hulu and YouTube have both been building their audiences for live television over the past year, with around 450,000 and 300,000 subscribers respectively. As they look to scale these audiences, it’s anticipated that both Hulu and YouTube will begin selling ads on their live TV packages. You may have noticed YouTube TV’s logo all over last year’s Major League Baseball … Read More

A Brief History of Digital Marketing

Here’s a fun little exercise: take a second and imagine what life would be like today without the internet. You wouldn’t be reading this, for a start. There’d be no email. No Googling. If you run a business, can you imagine not even having a website to direct customers to? Of course, there’s a good chance you remember a time … Read More

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