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App Timehop Built an Ad Server to Save Itself and Become Profitable Again

The popular app that lets users posts memories via photos across a variety of apps switched from a 3rd-party ad server to its own in-house ad server. 

Facebook Removing 5,000 Targeting Options to Fight Discriminatory Practices

Facebook is removing over 5,000 targeting options to help prevent misuse, including the ability to exclude audiences that relate to attributes such as ethnicity or religion.

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Facebook Requires Review For Apps Trying To Use Its API

The Cambridge Analytica scandal caused Facebook to add some new items to its data policies. Now, apps trying to use its Platform API must undergo review.

Facebook Is Changing Its Navigation Bar On Its Mobile App

Facebook will be rolling out an updated to its mobile app that changes the way the navigation bar is configured. Users will see new, personalized shortcuts based on which sections of Facebook they use the most.

Hearst UK Introduced a New Metric to Marketers

While searching for the one insight that reveals the hidden pot of gold, we have been oversaturated with data that simply just does not matter. In the world of meaningless numbers, Hearst UK has developed an effective metric that you should actually pay attention to.

Telecom Giants Looking to Compete With Silicon Valley for Ad Dollars

With its recent purchase of AppNexus and Time Warner, AT&T is looking to compete with Silicon Valley giants Facebook and Google for ad revenue.

Personal Info Database With 340 Million Records Leaked By Exactis

This leak is part of a trend of databases full of consumer information being made available on the internet for anyone who knows how to look it. 

The Global Ad-Spending Forecast is Increasing Thanks to Google & Facebook

The projected ad spend for global marketers are much higher than originally anticipated. Turns out, small business are taking the lead on ad spend.

Facebook Testing “Subscription Groups” Allowing Admins to Monetize Groups

Facebook has begun testing “Subscription Groups” that will allow creators to charge for exclusive content.

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