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Facebook Requires Review For Apps Trying To Use Its API

The Cambridge Analytica scandal caused Facebook to add some new items to its data policies. Now, apps trying to use its Platform API must undergo review.

The Lowdown on Facebook’s New Political Ad Requirements

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately, and not always for the right reasons.

How To Tell If Cambridge Analytica Used Your Facebook Data

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to dominate the news week, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a joint session of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Tuesday, and then before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday. In addition to unleashing a torrent of Zuckerberg Memes¬†and leading to continued hand-wringing about how Facebook lets advertisers use customers’ … Read More

Facebook’s Rough Week Continues as #DeleteFacebook is Trending

First there was fake news, state-sponsored Russian trolls, and now #DeleteFacebook is trending. The chaos started over the weekend when the NY Times published a piece about Cambridge Analytica, a firm used by both the Trump Campaign and the Brexit Leave Campaign in 2016. Whistleblowers from within the company claim that the firm harvested data from more than 50 million … Read More

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