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Facebook Testing “Subscription Groups” Allowing Admins to Monetize Groups

Facebook has begun testing “Subscription Groups” that will allow creators to charge for exclusive content.

Why Your Relevance Score on Facebook Matters

Often ignored by ad buyers, Facebook gives your advertisements a “relevance score” on your analytic reports. Marketers and agencies, however, should be aware of its crucial importance.

How to Prioritize Brand Safety on Facebook

A company’s brand reputation is an extremely important asset, so its safety must be of paramount concern. Advertisers invest substantial capital into their marketing campaigns, and overlooking brand safety could potentially have counterproductive effects to their bottom-line. 

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We’ve rounded up everything you may have missed this week.

CMOs Think Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Ever

For quite some time, television was the most popular and most effective place for advertisers to spend their dollars. After all, the first website wasn’t even created until 1991. It seems like only recently the internet has become the leading place for people to get information – and get served ads.

Facebook Replaces 3-Second Video View Standard With New Options

Facebook has changed the optimization metrics for your video campaigns – how will this affect your results?

Facebook Is Testing A New Influencer Search Engine For Marketers

The use of influencer marketing has increased over the past few years, and now Facebook is trying to get in the game.

Facebook to Launch Dating App

Remember that scene in 2010’s The Social Network, about the founding of Facebook, where Mark Zuckerberg races through the snow back to his dorm room and adds “Relationship Status” before setting The Facebook (as it was called) live? “This is what drives life in college. Are you having sex or aren’t you?” Aaron Sorkin has Jesse Eisenberg-as-Young Zuckerberg say, as he adds … Read More

How To Tell If Cambridge Analytica Used Your Facebook Data

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to dominate the news week, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a joint session of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Tuesday, and then before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday. In addition to unleashing a torrent of Zuckerberg Memes and leading to continued hand-wringing about how Facebook lets advertisers use customers’ … Read More

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