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The Importance of A/B Testing in Email Marketing

A/B testing in marketing is nothing new. As a matter of fact, the concept of A/B testing has been around for a long time: almost 100 years. The principles of A/B testing were first discovered and formalized in the 1920s by statistician and biologist Ronald Fisher. He used it in agricultural experiments trying to figure out, for example, if using … Read More

Latent Semantic Indexing & Building Links – Diving Deeper Into SEO

So you’ve read our piece on SEO Basics, about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important, and you’ve started implementing some of the suggestions in your own work. That’s great. So let’s take a deeper look at some SEO principles you can use to make your site rank even higher, starting with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). What is Latent … Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics

So you have a website. That’s awesome, right? Whether you selling a product, or you’ve got a blog about your life’s passion, whatever it is, you need people to see. It’s very much like the old cliche about a tree falling in a forest only nobody hears it. If nobody is looking at your website, it may as well not … Read More

5 Tips to Increase Click-Through Rate on Social Media

When you’re posting on social media, whether it’s to get readers for a great blog post you’ve written, or to get people to buy a quirky t-shirt, or get volunteers to help with a bake sale, the goal of the post is to get people from the network to your website. And while there are lots of ways to measure … Read More

5 Types of Engagement Posts to Avoid

With the new changes to Facebook, some business owners may be wondering… What is engagement bait and am I guilty of doing it? Facebook defines engagement bait as “a tactic to create Facebook posts that goad people into interacting, through likes, shares, comments, and other actions, in order to artificially boost engagement and get greater reach on News Feed.” – Facebook’s Newsfeed Guidelines … Read More

The $5 Marketing Plan

It’s important to remember that social media marketing has, if nothing else, democratized access to advertising. Anyone can create and deploy an advertising campaign, without regard to the size of marketing budget or level of marketing expertise. From a $5 budget to a $5,000,000 budget and beyond, a successful marketing campaign is within reach. To start, we created a Facebook … Read More

A Very Brief Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Overview Facebook is the 100,000,000 pound (45,359,237 kg) gorilla in the digital and social media advertising industry. According to a May 2017 report from CNBC, Facebook is the world’s second largest media owner (behind Google), and the only social network in the top 10. There are a lot of reasons that Facebook has been successful in dominating the social media … Read More

10 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

There are tons of creative and successful ways to encourage and facilitate newsletter list growth, including 10 proven favourites, many of which can work across myriad industries, whether you’re targeting consumer (B2C) or business (B2B) audiences. Offer a one-time discount. (Example: 20% off your first order, free shipping, etc.) Offer a free digital good. (Example: ebook, premium in-game feature, ad-free experience, 7-day … Read More

How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to digital marketing, the one thing there is no shortage of is KPIs and data. From click through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC), to video completion rate (VCR) and 3-second video views, to post shares and conversion rate, there is an abundance of data available for every and all type of campaign. Whatever your objective, … Read More

How Social Strategy Can Help Grow Your On-site Traffic

If you run a modest sized website or blog, you might be asking yourself “With all of the things to do every day, from SEO to writing content to responding to comments, etc., what’s the real value in social media?” The reality is that, today, an ever-increasing amount of internet to blogs and websites is coming from social media, so … Read More

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