Top Tips For Re-Branding Successfully


Rebranding for any type of business/brand can be a daunting task, but only if that attitude remains throughout the process. Rebranding is an opportunity to better establish your identity as a company and further bridge the gap to reach true supporters of the brand. Asking questions like: Who are you as a brand? What do we care about? What does our demographic look like? can help align the strategy and imagery of what the rebrand should move towards.

Having been through several rebrands in a music business background, I have learned that knowing the answers to these questions, as well as knowing your own brand’s strengths and weaknesses, help pull your vision together. Kristi for Entrepreneur mentions how important bonding the internal team of the brand is. It is essential to make each member feel like their vision can collectively form the next step for their endeavor. The size of the brand will determine the members’ closeness to the issues, but having incentives on all levels help push interaction and help guide a smooth transition forward.

One aspect I found really important in rebranding is keeping elements of your brand that were connecting with people.

Whether it be a logo, certain services, etc. Noticing strengths and then continuing them help people continue their trust in a brand even if there are a lot of things that change.

One issue many creatives have that is related to rebranding is being too precious with their creation. A great skill is knowing when to let the brand exist and grow even if it is not “perfect.” Perfection doesn’t happen without interaction from those the brand is targeting. Brands are a give and give relationship. This type of mentality also allows for continued growth and removes the idea of a ceiling. Companies like Apple, Spotify, and Tesla are all examples of companies unafraid to stress detail, but let go of creations and allow for feedback to help guide their continued growth.

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