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Should You Be Using Twitter Ads For Your Business?

Paid advertising is the quickest way to bring exposure and awareness to your business. It is a critical component of every effective marketing strategy, and it should be top-of-mind for every marketer, agency, and business owner. Facebook and Instagram (along with Youtube) are the two social media channels that receive most of the industry’s focus. They reach over 3 billion … Read More

10 Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is where it’s at, right? And as a marketer, you need to be active in the social space. But what if you have no idea what you’re doing?

Brands are Showing Their Personality on Twitter

Along with the rise of “woke” brands, we’re seeing a trend recently of brands showing their personality by sharing jokes, roasting competitors, and clapping back at rude posts made by customers and others. Call it Snarky Brand Voice. Wendy’s may be the best-known of the brands in this trend. The Wendy’s Twitter account loves to take shots at rival McDonald’s … Read More

Twitter Announces New Regulations on Automated Accounts and Posting

Uproar following probable interference with the 2017 Presidential election has forced social media platforms to reassess some of their policies, Twitter being the most recent. Last week, Twitter released a statement about automation and the use of multiple accounts to try and artificially increase the presence of certain tweets. Not only are they strongly advising against this activity, they are … Read More

What is Vero, and why is Everyone Suddenly Talking About it?

Vero, a social media application founded in 2015 by billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri that would, in his words, allow users “to have a social experience online that is more matching and more familiar and intuitive to their offline social interaction.” He promises there will be no ads, and it will eventually move to a subscription model of a few dollars … Read More

Kylie Jenner Snapchat Tweet Costs Snapchat $1 Billion

Kylie Jenner tweeted about her dislike of Snapchat’s recent redesign on Wednesday, and the company promptly tumbled 7.2% today, losing $1.3 Billion in value. sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad. — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) February 21, 2018 Apparently, a good portion of her 24.5 million followers agreed. Kylie … Read More

How Social Strategy Can Help Grow Your On-site Traffic

If you run a modest sized website or blog, you might be asking yourself “With all of the things to do every day, from SEO to writing content to responding to comments, etc., what’s the real value in social media?” The reality is that, today, an ever-increasing amount of internet to blogs and websites is coming from social media, so … Read More

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