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Hearst UK Introduced a New Metric to Marketers

While searching for the one insight that reveals the hidden pot of gold, we have been oversaturated with data that simply just does not matter. In the world of meaningless numbers, Hearst UK has developed an effective metric that you should actually pay attention to.

5 Tips to Increase Click-Through Rate on Social Media

When you’re posting on social media, whether it’s to get readers for a great blog post you’ve written, or to get people to buy a quirky t-shirt, or get volunteers to help with a bake sale, the goal of the post is to get people from the network to your website. And while there are lots of ways to measure … Read More

Facebook Will Now Demote Posts Deemed as “Engagement Bait”

Facebook is about to roll out a new algorithm that aims to get the social media site back to it’s roots –¬†bringing people closer together and building relationships.

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