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Lauren here, Editor-in-Chief of Digital Insights Journal. At Digital Insights, we’re dedicated to being your go-to resource to stay in the know on all things impacting the digital advertising and media ecosystems. We’re here to make sure you know all the basics of the industry – and know how to get ahead no matter what your expertise is.

We’ll be posting content under various topics – everything from fundamental marketing and social media skills to breaking news in the digital advertising world. You’ll never miss a thing.

We will even be featuring advice columns, giveaways, and other exciting content you’re sure to love. Don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions or comments, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss out.

Lauren is the Editor-in-Chief of Digital Insights Journal, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Morethanglam.com. She works as a Manager of Digital Strategy and Planning for 301 Digital Media, all while having an unhealthy obsession with potato chips, good wine, and Drake.

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