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Facebook Is Testing A New Influencer Search Engine For Marketers

The use of influencer marketing has increased over the past few years, and now Facebook is trying to get in the game.

YouTube Music and Premium to Compete with Apple Music and Spotify

Google announced today that it will be rolling out two new subscription services, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, that will go head-to-head with Apple Music and Spotify. This will mean the YouTube Red service, and current subscribers will be grandfathered into the new YouTube Premium service at the current, lower price. The services will be ad-free and allow music to … Read More

Facebook to Launch Dating App

Remember that scene in 2010’s The Social Network, about the founding of Facebook, where Mark Zuckerberg races through the snow back to his dorm room and adds “Relationship Status” before setting The Facebook (as it was called) live? “This is what drives life in college. Are you having sex or aren’t you?” Aaron Sorkin has Jesse Eisenberg-as-Young Zuckerberg say, as he adds … Read More

Snapchat Will Now Have Unskippable Six-Second Ads

It’s been wild a few months for Snapchat. In February, a casual tweet from Kylie Jenner knocked a staggering $1.3 Billion off of parent company Snap Inc.’s market value. Since then, the value of the company’s stock has plummeted over concerns about the app’s declining user numbers and reports of lackluster revenue. And in March, the company was forced to lay … Read More

What Is The GDPR And How Does It Affect Publishers?

On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation will go into effect. The culmination of years of negotiations and debate, the GDPR will establish a new set of rules regarding the way companies can collect and use data in the European Union. The idea is to establish a single standard across the EU which will help protect the privacy of consumers … Read More

Hulu And YouTube Will Start Selling Ads In Their Live TV Services

Hulu and YouTube have both been building their audiences for live television over the past year, with around 450,000 and 300,000 subscribers respectively. As they look to scale these audiences, it’s anticipated that both Hulu and YouTube will begin selling ads on their live TV packages. You may have noticed YouTube TV’s logo all over last year’s Major League Baseball … Read More

How To Tell If Cambridge Analytica Used Your Facebook Data

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to dominate the news week, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a joint session of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Tuesday, and then before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday. In addition to unleashing a torrent of Zuckerberg Memes and leading to continued hand-wringing about how Facebook lets advertisers use customers’ … Read More

Brands are Showing Their Personality on Twitter

Along with the rise of “woke” brands, we’re seeing a trend recently of brands showing their personality by sharing jokes, roasting competitors, and clapping back at rude posts made by customers and others. Call it Snarky Brand Voice. Wendy’s may be the best-known of the brands in this trend. The Wendy’s Twitter account loves to take shots at rival McDonald’s … Read More

Leaked Facebook Memo Adds to Their Losing Streak

Facebook’s run of bad news continued over the weekend after an internal memo from 2016 was leaked to the internet. The memo, which was written by Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, and entitled “The Ugly,” bluntly argued that growth was Facebook’s goal, and that anything bad that happened as a side-effect, like bullying, users committing suicide, or organizing terrorist attacks, were not … Read More

Facebook Is Taking Away Partner Categories In Audience Targeting Amid Lawsuits

Facebook has been having a rough week. The social network is making moves to protect people’s data – starting with the data advertisers use. Facebook announced Wednesday that it would be ending “Partner Categories”, which allows the use of data provided by third-party companies. This can be problematic because it can sometimes be a loophole through which discrimination against things … Read More

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